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Rules & Policies

    At AmiVac, it's our mission to ensure professional quality service. These are the rules & policies we like to abide by, in order to fulfil this mission.

Security - Any and all keys are kept in a lock box at all times with the exception of the day of your scheduled appointment. Alarm codes are also kept confidential. Any keys which become lost will be replaced at our cost.

Housekeepers - All of our housekeepers are carefully interviewed before being chosen to join our team. They have all be fully trained to provide top notch service and follow the standards we’ve instilled in them. Their work is routinely checked for any imperfections. 

Quotes - Quotes are subject to re-evaluation at the time of third visit, in case of mis-quote. It is rare that we go back on our original quote, but it happens. This re-evaluation could either be an increase, or a decrease.

Contracts - No residential client is bound to commit to a contract for a predetermined length of time, nor to any certain number of visits. Our contract is for rates & services only. Full Service cancellation can be done at any time. 

Visit Cancellations - You can depend on us to honour our scheduled appointments with you, wether weekly, bi weekly or monthly. We feel reliability is key in this industry, for full customer satisfaction. That being said, we require at least 36 hours notice for cancellations, otherwise full rate will be applied.

Holidays - If your appointment happens to fall on a civic or statutory holiday, you will be contacted to re-schedule at your convenience. 

Timing and punctuality - Appointment times could vary, if you have scheduled your appointment for a certain time, please leave a 30 minute window either way for earliness & tardiness. While we do try to factor these things in when scheduling, Weather conditions & traffic conditions etc. are out of our control.

Payments - Payments are to be left in the envelope provided to you in our “welcome Package” at the time of your visit. It Can be left in an obvious place - the dining room table, kitchen counter etc. Please be sure to seal the envelope. For any monetary points you may have, you can call the office at anytime.  If sending an E-Transfer please do so within 24 hours of completion. 

Emergencies - For any last minute emergencies (on the day of your scheduled appointment) such as; last minute cancellations, forgetting to disarm your alarm, sickness, lockout etc. You may use the cell phone numbers provided to you. Please call the office in all other instances.

Referrals - Great news! We’re making our business your business by offering a 15% discount on your next visit , following each referral you send our way! 

Feedback - We’d love to hear what you have to say! Good or bad. Any type of criticism is necessary in order to move forward in any service providing industry. This is why we’re leaving you with a comment card. It can be used at anytime, with any praises or complaints you might have regarding your last visit. Just fill out the card, put it in the envelope. When the envelope gets back to the office, your card will be read, noted and kept on file for referral. We‘ll leave you with a new one for future appointments. The comment card can also be used to book extras in the appointments to come.